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The open music catalog project aims to create a free catalog over popular music to day. It is edited and developed by volunteers. All programs developed for creating this page is open source and released under GNU/GPL. Artists that lacks information is found in unknown artists pages. Submit a new audio file to the catalog via submit page. See About pages for more information.

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It is possible obtain artist of the day for every genre as RSS-Feed. Use a regular news viewer such as straw or other. It can be integrated with a web-site using for magpie. An example feed here.


It is not radio but this function for playing random songs from the catalog is intended to substitute with similar appearance to the end user as an regular internet radio station. What songs that is put in the list is determined by the listeners. We have decided do enable three channels: indie, pop and metal. You need a media player that can handle remote playlists such as xmms or winamp.

Read more about the radio experiment


Search for files by tempo in BPM. Read more.


A distributed database engine has made all MP3-files at this page available for P2P clients. The database project is named enorem and is developed by It is Music under an open source paradigm.

The Schnap project has implemented this.